60th birthday Congratulations to Mr Anand Kalangutkar

60th birthday Congratulations to Mr Anand Kalangutkar

As the gateway of becoming an elder and end of adult life, 60th birthday is one of the milestones in life. For 18th birthday, people celebrate the beginning of adult life; for 21th birthday, people celebrate the legalization of drinking; for 30th birthday, people celebrate the arrival of their golden age. But come to 60th birthday, even the strongest man is losing his power. Day by day, they become weaker and slower. But no, this is not how you want your parents to think when they turn to their 60th birthday. As the people who love you the most; who give you the most precious thing in their life; who made you what you are, now is the time for you to do the same thing for them. we should give them a meaningful birthday party to memorize their experience of the best time in their life, and offer them your best wishes.

It is the best time to tell your parents how much you love them!

Arpora Hills Congratulations on your 60th birthday Mr Anand Kalangutkar ! Here’s to a fabulous birthday and a wonderful year ahead!


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